VR-IMMOBILIEN-LEASING sells a further 23 properties within a year

16. Feb 2023

Eschborn, 16.02.2023. VR-IMMOBILIEN-LEASING GmbH (VRIL), a LOANCOS Group company, sold a total of 23 commercial properties from its leased real estate portfolio in 2022 – at an accounting value of more than 45 million euros.

The LOANCOS Group acquired VRIL and its real estate portfolio from VR Smart Finanz AG in 2019. With the sales of the past year, it is continuing the successful reduction of the portfolio. The properties were predominantly medium-sized commercial properties for production, trade and administration from all over Germany. In addition, three large-scale building and garden centers belonging to a nationwide provider in North Rhine-Westphalia and a high-quality office tower centrally located in Berlin-Mitte belonging to a company with close ties to the federal government were successfully transferred back to the lessee.

The purchasers of the leased properties were for the most part the lessees themselves. “As we can sell the buildings at book value, the purchase is attractive for most customers due to the performance during the usually long contract term. Over the course of 2022, the interest rate trend became an additional factor. Many customers wanted to secure the current conditions for the acquisition of the properties before interest rates rise even further,” explains Markus Dieterle, Director Real Estate Leasing at LOANCOS and authorized signatory of VRIL.

Non-everyday transactions in the interests of lessees

VRIL structures the real estate sales as asset or share deals. “We often find complex investment structures in commercial leasing properties. Thanks to our experience, we are also able to realize unusual transactions for our clients so that they can continue to concentrate fully on their day-to-day business despite the complexity of the deal,” explains Markus Dieterle. In total, the company acquired more than 270 companies from the cooperative financial group in 2019. By the end of 2022, the number could be reduced to 85 as a result of the portfolio reduction measures.