Issuing mortgage financing with LOANCOS

More than one third of the annual volume of mortgage financing on the German market is generated via intermediary platforms, with a significant upward trend: experts expect this share to grow to 50 percent by 2025.

With its technically advanced credit platform, LOANCOS presents a digital bridge to the largest intermediary organisations. The lending process here is parametrically tailorable to investor specifications.

As an enabler for new business, we guarantee fast loan approvals and reliable loan processing for investors, banks and insurance companies at defined service levels.

We offer innovative solutions for all those who want to flexibly expand their loan portfolio, or who are looking for a scalable entry into the asset class “mortgages”. Through constant standardisation and automation of business processes, we also offer efficient solutions for existing loan portfolios.

Your benefits:

  • Build and grow your loan portfolio with an efficient loan platform
  • Interfaces to the most important intermediary platforms
  • Configurable credit decision parameters
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Ongoing coordination with intermediary sales organisations

„The future of real estate financing is digital. Artificial intelligences will determine best offers and people will contract their loans online.”

Eckhard Blauhut, Managing Director and CEO of LOANCOS GmbH

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