Tailored to your needs

LOANCOS enables institutional investors to easily enter the asset class “mortgage loans” via bespoke investment structures.
In this way, you can invest in this attractive asset class without having to take care of the loans yourself. We offer you the opportunity to invest both directly and indirectly in mortgage financing.


  • Build and grow your loan book with an efficient loan platform
  • Interfaces to the most important intermediary platforms
  • Individually configurable credit decision parameters
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Ongoing coordination with intermediary sales organisations

“We make a scalable entry into the asset class ‘mortgage financing’ possible and offer various formats for this.”

Dr. Clifford Tjiok, Chief Commercial Officer of LOANCOS GmbH

clifford-tjiok Kredite als Kapitalanlage LOANCOS

Are you interested in mortgage financing as an investment?

Mortgage financing is a defensive, highly granular, regulatory, and attractive asset class for institutional investors and banks. The German market for mortgage financing offers first-class conditions for an investment in mortgage loans.

By working with the major intermediary platforms, LOANCOS enables scalable capital investment with 100 percent variable costs. Our lending platform ensures the ongoing auditability and regulatory compliance of the entire process.

  • High demand for mortgage financing: ~280 billion EUR new business volume p.a.
  • Stable income despite low interest rate environment
  • Attractive risk-return profile through investment in valuable assets
  • Stability of German mortgage finance during times of crisis

LOANCOS is the German market leader in the servicing of construction finance with a volume of 4 billion EUR in assets under management.

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