Overloaded Credit Departments?

Bottlenecks in lending or in portfolio processing are very often a great challenge for our clients. Especially then, it is important to find professional support quickly and efficiently.

Do you need experienced loan specialists for your ongoing business or would you like to build flexibility and resilience to volume adjustments in application processing in the long term?
Simply bridge the bottlenecks with our credit expertise. We provide direct support independently of our platform and work directly on your systems.

Our experts will help you!

We help with teams that are immediately ready for action. Our experts work with you and provide support at the highest professional level. You benefit directly from our know-how whilst relieving capacities internally. This provides for you free ressources for your projects and strategic plans.

In addition to resource planning, efficient management by experienced team leaders is needed to ensure results. We offer complete control of operational tasks on an SLA (Service Level Agreement) basis, which we design together with you. We monitor the operational processing and perform tasks independently with our teams: from application processing and clarification of queries to disbursement.

LOANCOS credit expertise

“We help with practical experience and develop individual processing solutions for your lending business.”

Lars Schröter

Group Head Market Development at LOANCOS

Lars Schröter LOANCOS