VR-IMMOBILIEN-LEASING portfolio largely reduced

11. Mar 2024

In 2019, the LOANCOS Group acquired VR-IMMOBILIEN-LEASING GmbH (VRIL) together with its entire investment portfolio from VR Smart Finanz AG. In the meantime, the former total of 273 investments has been almost completely reduced. LOANCOS is reporting an above-average number of property sales for 2023.

On behalf of banks, insurance companies and other investors, the LOANCOS Group assists in the reduction of non-strategic portfolios and business areas. VRIL’s portfolio mainly comprised commercial leasing properties, but also inland waterway vessels, locomotives, wagons and a number of operating facilities such as data centers. “In the vast majority of cases, we were able to sell the leased properties directly and predominantly ahead of schedule to the former lessees as part of asset and/or share deals. This enabled them to secure the properties, most of which were essential to their operations. Interest was particularly high last year, partly due to the dynamic capital market and the prospect of rising interest rates. Of the former 142 contractual relationships with an investment volume of around 750 million euros, only 6 contracts are currently still in the portfolio,” says Markus Dieterle, Director Real Estate Leasing at LOANCOS and authorized signatory of VRIL.

LOANCOS specializes in the reduction of non-strategic portfolios in all asset classes – also in B and C locations and outside the metropolitan areas. “We process and manage complex investment and financing structures on behalf of third parties,” explains Markus Dieterle. “We strive to find amicable and reputation-preserving solutions for all parties involved.”