LOANCOS Group sells logistics property on the A24

3. May 2023

Eschborn, 03.05.2023. VR-IMMOBILIEN-LEASING GmbH (VRIL), a LOANCOS Group company, announces the sale of an approximately 11,000 square meter warehouse and production hall in Bobzin in the Ludwigslust-Parchim district.

The LOANCOS Group acquired VRIL and its extensive real estate portfolio from VR Smart Finanz AG in 2019. Since then, VRIL has already successfully sold over 120 properties – mainly to the former lessees themselves. However, VRIL sold the warehouse and production hall in Bobzin to an external investor, as Losberger GmbH, as the lessee, no longer used the property itself. Instead, it had sublet it to a manufacturing company and a furniture store for the storage of seasonal goods.

The property has a usable area of around 10,800 square meters on a plot of just under 36,000 square meters. Bobzin is located around 80 kilometers from Hamburg, directly on the A24 motorway. “The property allows for different types of use and is attractive for companies operating along the axis from Hamburg to Berlin, among others,” says Markus Dieterle, Director Real Estate Leasing at LOANCOS and authorized signatory of VRIL.

The sale was accompanied by HYPOSTREET, a brand of the LOANCOS Group, which specializes in real estate marketing and transaction management. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. “We had defined a certain minimum price as a lower limit. Otherwise, the transaction would not have been economically viable for VRIL and the lessee,” says Kay Pollner, Head of Transaction at HYPOSTREET.

Thanks to HYPOSTREET’s active asset management, modernization measures and optimizations to the existing rental agreements were carried out before the property was sold – always in close coordination with the lessee. “We have been working extremely well and smoothly with VRIL and LOANCOS for years. A sale in the constellation we had in Bobzin requires specialist knowledge and strategic skill. The collaboration has proven itself once again here,” says Christoph Meister, Head of Group Accounting, Taxes & Real Estate at Losberger De Boer Group.