48 freight wagons: LOANCOS sells the last large properties from the VR-IMMOBILIEN-LEASING portfolio

14. Nov 2022

LOANCOS Group sold 48 freight cars to Havelländische Eisenbahn AG (HVLE) on October 31, 2022. These were the last remaining large properties from the portfolio of VR-IMMOBILIEN-LEASING GmbH (VRIL).

Havelländische Eisenbahn AG had previously leased the 48 bulk freight wagons under several individual leasing contracts through a VRIL holding. Now it was able to take over the wagons in their entirety, which are extremely stable in value. The decisive factor for the purchase was the long-term interest rate hedging for the financing in view of the current dynamics on the capital markets.

Since the acquisition of VR-IMMOBILIEN-LEASING GmbH (VRIL) in 2019, the LOANCOS Group has been continuously and extremely successfully selling the leased assets from the VRIL portfolio. The majority of these are commercial properties, but the portfolio has also included inland vessels, rail vehicles, aircraft and helicopters for customers from a wide range of industries. “We continue to find constructive, amicable solutions for all of VRIL’s customers in the interests of both parties,” explains Markus Dieterle, Director Real Estate Leasing at LOANCOS and authorised signatory of VRIL. With success: in 2021 alone, LOAONCOS sold real estate and large properties worth more than 56 million euros for VRIL.

Overall, LOANCOS has already reduced the number of special purpose vehicles under management by more than 175 as part of the wind-down of the VRIL portfolio. “With the sale of the bulk wagons, we were able to continue the successful reduction of the portfolio. Now we are concentrating on the sale of the remaining properties. Apart from a few large-volume properties, these are mainly smaller units from the commercial SME sector,” Markus Dieterle explains.