The development banks as crisis responders and shapers of the future

15. May 2024

The annual publication of the Bundesvereinigung Kreditankauf und Servicing e. V. (BKS) was published in April. On 170 pages, renowned experts from the BKS network provide insights into the latest developments and challenges in NPL management.

For the LOANCOS Group, Lars Schröter, Group Head Market Development, contributed an article on the role of development banks in recent years. It shows how they react to market changes and intervene in a creative way – particularly in response to challenges such as

  • the corona pandemic
  • Supply chain problems,
  • the Ukraine war and
  • the energy crisis.

The article describes how development banks – in cooperation with the house banks – have made a significant contribution to securing the liquidity of companies by implementing extensive development programs quickly and efficiently. This intervention was essential to mitigate the economic consequences for companies and the national economy.

At the same time, Lars Schröter deals with long-term challenges in the handling of these programmes and emphasizes the need for a flexible organization of the development banks in order to be able to react quickly at any time.

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