LOANCOS successfully sells last inland waterway vessels from the VR-IMMOBILIEN-LEASING portfolio

7. Feb 2022

The portfolio of VR-IMMOBILIEN-LEASING GmbH (VRIL), which is managed by the LOANCOS Group, consists primarily of commercially used properties. But this also includes large properties. The last two inland waterway vessels in the portfolio have now been sold.

One of the barges is the “Wannsee”, a passenger ship almost 45 meters long, which is used for ferry services on the Wannsee in the area of the Berlin transport company. Secondly, VRIL sold the LNG gas tanker “Gas 89”, which is used on the Rhine and is around 95 meters long, to a large operator in 2021. The company is thus continuing the reduction of large items of property from its portfolio, which also included aircraft, locomotives and wagons.

In 2019, the LOANCOS Group acquired VRIL from VR-Smart-Finanz AG as a run-down portfolio. Since then, it has been very successful in strategically reducing its leasing portfolio. In 2021 alone, it sold real estate and large properties worth over 56 million euros. “We see ourselves as experts in the reputation-friendly resolution of structured and complex financing solutions,” says Markus Dieterle, Director Real Estate Leasing at LOANCOS and authorized signatory of VRIL. “This includes not only real estate in a wide variety of locations in Germany, but also a wide range of other properties from our customers’ leasing portfolios. We always make sure that we achieve a good solution for the lessee in the interests of the usually very long-standing business relationships.”