LOANCOS Group: new brand for real estate valuation and brokerage

21. Feb 2023

The companies of the LOANCOS Group have already successfully marketed more than 50,000 properties since 2005. They are now bundling their activities in this area under the HYPOSTREET brand.

“Thanks to our track record, we have in-depth knowledge of the German real estate markets and feel at home in almost all asset classes. We use our extensive network of real estate investors in our role as an intermediary,” explains Kay Pollner, Head of Real Estate Transactions at HYPOSTREET.

Valuation, consulting, sales

HYPOSTREET evaluates properties and advises on marketing strategies. It acts as an intermediary for buyers and accompanies the transactions from the first contact to the conclusion of the contract. The focus is on the sale of apartment buildings, residential and commercial properties, land, care properties, hotels and retail properties.

To date, the LOANCOS Group has primarily marketed real estate off-market within its investor network of banks, savings banks, family offices, care operators, hotels, retailers and private individuals. This channel will continue to be used. In addition, the new website also offers real estate online.